Albert MONGITA. (RDC, 1916 - 1985)

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Albert MONGITA. (RDC, 1916 - 1985)
Ceremony. Oil on paper. 45 x 59 cm. Signed lower right, year 50, framed. A genius who knew no bounds in creation Nothing resisted him; he shone in pedagogy, journalism, literature, acting and dance. He is also remembered for being the first author of the Congolese BD: Mukwapamba Undoubtedly a great Congolese artist In this beautiful image of a village, he takes us to other times, to other latitudes Where life was simpler Just the right brushstrokes that immortalise the common and peaceful life of the countryside A place where we could immerse ourselves for hours Albert Likeke Mongita, also known as Mongita Likeke, was born in 1916 in Irebu (DRC) and made a name for himself in various fields. Besides being a painter, he was also a writer, theatermaker, composer, and filmmaker. This multitalented self-taught painter was a postman when he exhibited for the first time in 1947 in Leopoldville (today, Kinshasa). Afterward, he was tutored by the painter Laurent Moones at the Stanley Pool school Moreover, he exhibited his paintings at the Antwerp Colonial Exhibition in 1948. The talent of this self-taught artist was quickly recognised and driven by this first success, he continued his chosen path and specialised in landscape painting. Other themes that he painted were dance and hunting scenes and other aspects of "traditional" life He created in his art a simple and balanced colour palette. Mongita Likele later became director of the National Theatre and director of Cultural Affairs.
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