SHULA, Monsengo SHULA, Jean Bosco Shula MOSENGO. (1959, Lives and works in Kinshasa, DRC)

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SHULA, Monsengo SHULA, Jean Bosco Shula MOSENGO. (1959, Lives and works in Kinshasa, DRC)
"Rois Kuba dans l'espace", Acrylic on canvas. 98.5 x 139 cm. Signed lower right and dated 2015, Artist's certificate. Jean-Bosco Monsengo also known as Shula is a talented and self-taught artist who was quickly recognized by his peers for the quality of his drawings. At the age of 15, he started working as an assistant of his cousin Moké (1950-2001), who was one of the fathers of popular painting and a master colorist. During this collaboration, Shula developed his unique style and technique based on color combinations that bring effects which seem to exceed tangibility. As an artist, he strongly believes that his narrative paintings, which are directly derived from everyday life, should be critical, denounce political injustices, raise awareness, and educate the population. This is why his paintings carry a message. Moreover, Shula's highly constructed narrative scenes offer new perspectives on universal issues such as global warming, international politics and technology. The artist's work brings a revolutionary twist to the traditional way of depicting the world. Instead of depicting reality, he tries to transcend it. His "Afro-futuristic" images invite the viewer into his fictional world filled with imaginary scenes. Since 2001 Shula's work has been receiving international fame and he has been participating in some major exhibitions of African Contemporary art. One of these exhibitions is Beauté Congo-1926-2015-Congo Kitoko at the Foundation Cartier in 2016. Shula's work is also widely represented in numerous fairs such as the Art Paris Art Fair.
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