Olivier De Schrijver, Design Mind in Belgium

dimanche 31 janvier 2021 17:00
Stanley's Auction , Kouterveldstraat, 2-4 1831 Diegem
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Olivier De Schrijver ODS


Friday 29 and Saturday 30, from 1:30 to 6:00 p.m.


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Kouterveldstraat, 2 in 1831 Diegem

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Quentin de Brouwer

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Biography of Olivier De Schrijver (1958)

Born in 1958 in the Congo, Olivier De Schrijver attributes his vocation as a designer to his African childhood: "Lost in the bush, when I wanted a toy or an object was broken I had to build or repair it myself". Having founded his publishing house "Comme chez vous art" 33 years ago, Olivier De Schrijver has worked to "revisit" lines from the 50s and 60s while reinventing them according to a plural recycling that characterizes the work of the greatest Belgian representative of contemporary postmodernist design following Peter de Bruyne. Sometimes Olivier De Scrhijver is inspired by Vasarely, sometimes by Hollywood cinema, humorously assuming the wide gap between elitist and popular culture. His chair "Ode à la femme", a simultaneous homage to art nouveau, Scandinavian and Italian design, his own initials and, at the same time, to women, is the designer's iconic model and a flagship creation of contemporary Belgian design.

Belgian artist with the highest number of objects sold on the art market in the last two years, his works are already part of the collections of the ADAM Museum in Brussels, the Royal Palace, the Elysée Palace in Paris and the European Commission.

We would like to thank Olivier De Schrijver for having given us permission to organise the first monographic sale devoted to him. This online auction, "Olivier De Schrijver, Design Mind in Belgium" is in line with Stanley's auction's vocation to organise a differentiated sale.

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