Militaria & History

dimanche 23 avril 2023 14:00
Stanley's auction , Excelsiorlaan,10 1930 Zaventem
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Militaria & History Sale ONLINEsale ending on Sunday 23/4 from 2pm Exhibition on Thursday 20, Friday 21 and Saturday 22/04 from 11am to 7pm It is also possible to come and see the exhibition by appointment : /For all information FR :Information NL : Will be presented for sale : Yatagan swords, Ottoman swords, old Japanese swords, Samurai armor, Khanda swords, Afghan knives, Asian and European guns, Ottoman pistols, African knives and spears, breastplates and helmets, old European swords and sabers, German helmets, Maghreb rifles, Koumyas, books, photos, military decorations, bronze and miniatures, etc. REQUEST additional information or photos by whatsapp/74) or mail : *Size descriptions and all other descriptions are given as an indication and must be verified during the exhibition of the lots on the days provided for this purpose or by appointment. DELIVERY: We are happy to help you with the shipment of your purchases without being held responsible. You can, for example, contact the delivery company MBE in order to obtain an estimate: or the partner company of Drouot: the packengers

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